See Where Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) Is Being Used Around the World

TiO2 is an air purifying technology for the whole planet. Each year TiO2 generates more and more interest around the world. Most of these projects are major architectural installations with the potential to clean millions of cubic feet of air every day. TiO2 uses the sunlight that shines on these building to perform chemistry that cleans the air.

How much does TiO2 help? One building has the potential to clean up to a million cubic feet of air a day. For comparison, a single tree cleans 600 cubic feet of air a day and an average person breathes 400 cubic feet of air every day; cleaning millions of cubic feet of air with one building is cleaning enough air for thousands of people and planting thousands of "TiO2-trees" in the process. In a city, coating buildings with TiO2 adds up to billions of cubic feet of air and nearly a 100,000 new trees.

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TiO2 cement keeps the Jubilee church clean resisting Rome's urban air pollution.

2003, Jubilee Church. Rome, Italy

2015, Palazzo Italia. Milan, Italy.

2017, Sapphire. Berlin, Germany.

2017, The Iceberg. Aarhus, Denmark.

2010-, Roads across Europe.

2011, The Leopold II Tunnel. Brussels, Belgium.

2016, Billboards. Madrid, Spain.

2010-, Out of home media. London, England.

2012, Jeans. London, England.

2015, Torre de Especialidades. Mexico City, Mexico.

2002-, Everywhere. Tokyo, Japan.

2018, 570 Broome Skyscraper. New York City, USA.

2012, Roofing. Los Angeles, USA.

2016, LA Central Library. Los Angeles, USA.

2017, Billboards. LA & SF, USA.

2015, Alcoa Apartments. USA.

TiO2 pavement on bike paths so riders can breathe healthier air.

2013, Bike paths. Chicago, USA.

2019, Sun Life Stadium. Miami, USA.

2014, Cashmere fabric. Hong Kong, Hong Kong.

2009, International Space Station. Outer Space.



It's up to us to keep this list growing. The more exposure for TiO2, the more we will see the world go TiO2.

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