The Shirt

We are working on shirts that clean the air. What will this shirt do? It will help remove SO2, NOx, VOCs, and smog from your air, and get you involved in fixing the environment.

The design on the shirt has photocatalytic TiO2 mixed in that quite effectively destroys pollutants. Check out our upcoming photos and videos below to see TiO2 in action.

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 Experiment 1: Rhodamine B

We prepared two white inks that will be used for clothing on paper and sprayed each with a Rhodamine B dye (a brilliant pink dye). Rhodamine B represents pollution or anything you don't want in the the air. The air should only be nitrogen (N2), oxygen (O2), and small amounts of argon (Ar), water (H2O), and carbon dioxide (CO2). Just like you don't want smog, ozone, VOCs, NOx, and SO2 in the air, you wouldn't want something like Rhodamine B in the air if it's not supposed to be there. 

In this experiment, we left the designs out in the California sun for four hours. After four hours, the design of our logo with the TiO2-ink returns to white. The TiO2 in the ink, using sunlight, broke down the Rhodamine B dye turning it into water, nitrogen, and CO2. (Video coming soon)