• 二酸化チタン (Titanium dioxide) Japan

    Photocatalytic TiO2 was discovered in Japan in 1970. Today, 90% of the global photocatalytic TiO2 market is concentrated in Japan. The properties o...
  • TiO2 Videos

    Today we are tackling step 1: 1. Learn more about TiO2 and TiO2 clothing. To read about TiO2's history or efficacy. To watch, we have a number of v...
  • Kickstarter

    Welcome to TiO2 Clothing everyone. We have a Kickstarter launched and are ready to start changing the environment. Be the first to wear smart cloth...
  • No TiO2 Clothing

    No TiO2 Clothing.
  • Introducing TiO2 Clothing

    TiO2 Clothing launches offering clothing and accessories that clean the air. This is a small part to start larger change.